Marko Djurdjevic

Marko Djurdjevic is the CEO/Creative Director of SIXMOREVODKA, a Berlin-based boutique Art Studio focussing on character design and illustration. SIXMOREVODKA has worked for a host of clients including Warner Brothers, Guerrilla Games, Activision, Sony and is a longstanding service provider for Riot Games.

Prior to running his own company, Marko worked as a freelance Illustrator, as a Senior Concept Artis at Massive Black, and as a Cover and Comicbook Artist at Marvel Comics. He is also the Creator, Writer, and Designer of DEGENESIS and ORKEN, two IP's produced and published by SIXMOREVODKA.

Marko teaches character design, innovative storytelling, composition and narrative illustration along with improving efficiency and overcoming art blocks. He is renown for his harsh Portfolio reviews and his love for vodka.