Kekai Kotaki

Born and raised on the Big Island of Hawaii, Kekai has always had a passion for art. Finding the sunshine and beautiful scenery distracting, he moved to dreary Seattle in 2000 to attend art school. After graduating, he proceeded to attempt a career at doing art. The first meaningful step was getting a job at ArenaNet, the makers of the Guild Wars franchise as a texture artist. Through hard work and more than a little luck, he was able to become a concept artist. With even more hard work and little more luck Kekai was to branch out into illustration work where he was able to do book covers and even a few Magic the Gathering cards.

Kekai still lives in Seattle. After 5 years as Lead Concept Artist on Guild Wars 2 and 8+ years total at ArenaNet, Kekai has left to go look for new endeavors. Over the years, Kekai has made stops at places such as Bungie and Monolith, working on titles like Destiny and Mordor Shadow of War. Kekai enjoys traveling the world and doing workshops demonstrating his process and thoughts about art.