Who We Are


Massive Black was born in 2004, we found our place by responding to the demand for high-quality concept art for video games. We applied this platform with our passion for art to new and emerging fields. We started out as a band of illustrators and grew into one of the gaming industries’ first art outsourcing houses. Along the way we developed new skill sets and began to widen our scope of work.

Over time, we expanded our focus to include film and television. We knew we could use our artistic skills to become an asset to the industry. This was an important step in our evolution as creators. We never wanted to limit ourselves to game art or film work, and we still had a huge passion for video games. Combining our game art and film work paved the way for Massive Black to create a more holistic experience for our clients.

Being able to create video content allowed us to expand further into advertising, research, and defense industries. Our focus has always been on creating solid illustrative work that tells the right story and moves the project forward.

We've worked on hundreds of projects and produced tens of thousands of piece of high-quality art. From Super Bowl commercials to premiere video games. Our extremely experienced and core team, and extensive network of established contractors means whatever the project, it's in our wheelhouse.


We're always looking for new partners. We love challenging projects with partners who trust us to roll up our sleeves and deliver new, meaningful contributions to the project. We excel when developing blue sky concepts, IP pitches and develpment, visual problem solving and content creation. We don't want more clients, what we’re really looking for are partners. Our best work comes from a trusting relationship where we’re allowed creative freedom to explore ideas.